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~*The Nightmares Continue*~

~Running in Slow Motion~

Walking Dreams UnSlept

~*Step Calmly into the Dark pool that is my mind.
Watch where you tred, for you walk where others dwell.
Stare into the Eyes of the ghost as he pierces your soul
And all will then be realized.*~

This is a journal for the DreamWalker Multiple System, consisting of about 37 Memembers in the MAIN system.
This Journal has been made private/Friends Only

PLEASE!! Leave a Comment on my Public Access Page if you wish to join squirtsnsprites or __piecesofus

This is our Multiple Code

MuC N [f; f/m/a/n/h] S.H/S.Sh/ S.Mcw/ S.Mfx/ S.Mfl/ S.Mfc/ S.Meh/ S.Mb/ S. Bro/ S.Bcc/ S.Bcr/ S.Lde/ S.Lu/ S.Lc/ S.Ls/ S.I[dragonfly]/ S.I[wasp/ S.~ A(b- r---!/---/-/++/+++!) Os/c/r/n Ww^ Cc+ OF+ Ppsi!/spi+/ast!/mag! Fpd/pk/eb/h/n/a/ T++ Js!/u~ Do R C++ So

No smoking around dreams_unslept. Thankyou for your co-operation.


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Icon Information:
The Majority of the Icons were created from pictures/images found on the web. IE I did not create them
Those that are my OWN images/art/photographs are stated so, so no Takey
MUCH Thanks to whisperedones for modifying the majority of the icons for our system :> You Rock Hard Core Reese